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«If your business is not on the internet, your business does not exist»

Certainly, although the phrase was said some years ago by the Microsoft mogul, Bill Gates, he was not wrong.

Today, with the advancement of technologies in terms of the fluidity and immediacy of information through common tools such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, it is vital to think about improving sales, you should be closer to your potential customers, because you will need them to advance, that´s simple!

In the case of «SmartPhones» it is already a fact, it is essential to be within the reach of a potential client through a simple click, anywhere, at any time.

For the reasons described above, it´s that it has already become a «vital» issue for companies, brands or businesses, to have a presence on the Internet, and the most serious way to do it is through an official website.

Conopo offers you the development of its website from the hosting, the search and convenient selection of your domain, the development of the website until its implementation.

We put at your disposal 3 DESIGN plans for the creation of your WEBSITE:

You can choose your WEB HOSTING and WEB DESIGN plans that best suit the needs of your company, thinking that you can update your website as it grows.

We put at your disposal 3 HOSTINGS plans for your WEBSITE:

Steps to follow:

  • 1. Choose the WEB DESIGN AND WEB HOSTING plan of your choice – Please, tell us if you also want to buy your DOMAIN (.com, .net, .org, etc) or if you already have it – write us and we will send you an email with the details so you can make the corresponding payment.

  • 2. We´ll collect the necessary information about your company, product or service, (texts, photos, graphics, etc.) that we will use to feed your new WEBSITE. We´ll review all the information, we will correct what we consider necessary, we´ll study your needs, your possible competitors and the sector to which your new WEBSITE will be directed.

  • 3. From the collected information, we present the appropriate scheme for the WEB DESIGN to be used according to the WEB DESIGN plan that you have selected.

  • 4. We will proceed to the assembly of your new WEBSITE, according to the previously established, we will put it into operation, we will configure your new emails with your new DOMAIN and we will send to the directory of Google your new WEBSITE.

  • 5. Start-up, testing, review and approval of the new WEBSITE (written and final approval by email) in which you express your full agreement.

Important: All WEBSITES designed by us include the configuration service of corporate emails (according to the selected WEB HOSTING plan), monthly backups, SSL certificates, technical advice for additional supplements and marketing.

Hosting + Web Design

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