We put at your disposal our computer technical service for specialized computers of high performance, dedicated to the activities of design, printing and audiovisual production.

Computer Technical Service

We must pay attention to the importance that today computers have as tools within our workspaces, and even more, if they depend on productive activities that run the risk of being stopped by the malfunction, or simply, the bad configuration of the computer, a program or a virus, which translates into lost time, delays in production, conflicts with customers and therefore, loss of money.

Knowing well these realities, we put at your disposal our computer technical service department, which will help you to keep your computers up to date for the best performance of them on their daily tasks.

Some of the basic services you can count on:

  • Work at home (your team does not leave your job, you can observe and check the progress at all times).

  • Total confidentiality of your information.

  • Protection against viruses, worms, keyloggers and data hijacking.

  • Physical and logical cleaning.

  • Format without loss of information.

  • Backup of data in a secure site.

  • Security in wired and wireless networks.

  • Blocking Internet propaganda.

  • Automatic restoration of information hidden in external Hard Drives and Pendrives due to viruses.

  • Formatting of equipment orienting them to their established function and subsequent induction for their correct use.

  • Installation and configuration of authorized programs for standard and special use (Design, CADs, Virtual Machines, Imaging Equipment, Medical, Dental, Monitoring, etc).

  • Installation of networks, wired or wireless.

  • Process automation.

  • Conversion of webcams to surveillance.

  • Installation of CCTV surveillance systems.

  • Written report of the operations performed on their equipment.

  • Advice for software – hardware.
  • Among many others…

Once solved the problem of computers, which often also fail by the mishandling of operators, it becomes important the proper training of these users of the equipment so that they do not incur failures, or bad habits, which cause new failures or recurrence of the same ones that have already been repaired.

For the reason described above, we also put at your disposal plans for the training of your staff that will help you maintain the proper flow of your systems in use.

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