Considered the most important recognition element of your company, product or service. It will help you make the community visually understand, especially your potential clients, about your purposes, your existence and your goals as a company.

The design of the LOGO should not be taken lightly, this should be created and developed in a studied, planned, synthesized manner, relying on the directions and needs to achieve its fixation in the identified group (target), so that your company, product or service could be viable and commercially sustainable.

Your LOGO must be personalized, adapted to your main economic activity, must respond to the necessary aesthetics of your company (which does not necessarily have to coincide with your personal taste), it must be directed to your specific area, to your public, it must be able to represent the personality of your company, of your products, you must make it clear (no matter how synthesized could the graphics be) what you are, do or intend to do. This is why your LOGO does not appear magically on your desktop, on the Internet or on your computer.


Always keep in mind that the simplicity and synthesis capacity to achieve in the LOGO is the key. The simpler (less shapes, less colors, less intricate, more understandable, more readable), it´s better. Why? A simple LOGO is easier to capture by your eye, easier to remember, more economical to print, easier to combine with the rest of the elements that complement the personality of your company, product or service.

A good LOGO must be: unique, original, practical, readable, functional, consistent, scalable, long lasting, coherent and adaptable.


We put at your disposal 3 plans for the creation of your LOGO:

Steps to follow:

  • 1. Choose the LOGO DESIGN plan of your choice, write us and we will send you the quote by e-mail with the details so you can make the corresponding payment.

  • 2. We will collect your briefing in addition to the necessary information about your company, product or service to be able to analyze your potential competitors and the sector to which your new LOGO will be directed.

  • 3. We will present you the number of sketches according to the LOGO DESIGN plan that you have selected.

  • 4. We will receive your feedback of the submitted work, analyze it and execute the necessary changes in the LOGO proposal that you have selected.

  • 5. Approval of the logo in writing (by e-mail) in which you express your full agreement and we will proceed to send you by e-mail the formats you will need to use your new LOGO in different media.

Important: all our LOGOS include a PDF, PNG and JPG version, as well as a basic manual for use (horizontal or vertical layout of the new LOGO, black and white versions, color breakdown (planes, RGB and CMYK), minimum size of the LOGO and application of the LOGO on complex funds).


Development of corporate identity

We create, develop and design for you all the visual aspects that will be part of your company. Lines of image, regulation, styles and main identifiers necessary for your company to maintain an adequate visual coherence in everything it does, exhibits and advertises.

Keep in mind that the identity of your company is made up of all those elements, tools and attributes (colors, typographies, printed stationery, either advertising or administrative, digital or printed ads, your website, your social networks, among others) they make it recognizable and identifiable, and that in turn, in the process of interaction generate an interpretation by the people who come into contact with it.

Some of the benefits that you will obtain when developing the identity of your company are the following: increase of visual and cognitive recognition, cost savings by standardization, consolidation in the sense of belonging, greater confidence and security in your employees.

A more appropriate image of your company in the market, is a safe benefit.

Basic elements that you must not fail to DESIGN for your CORPORATE IDENTITY:

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